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    You have come to the right place if you are

    • an importer or an exporter
    • buy/sell/use imported goods in your business,
    • are involved in an invitation to tender, or a contract, involving the international movement of goods.

    Here you will find help and training on international trade and customs matters.

    You will save time, effort and money using our courses and services

    You will gain competitive advantage and increase your productivity.

    Following a course, a large plc identified a one off saving with a potential £300,000 benefit.

    A smaller business saved £30,000 a year after our course.

    Another business found new confidence in dealing with export markets leading to increased sales.

    What could the benefits be for you?

    Welcome to the PHILLIPS web site; we would like to wish you a positive and prosperous 2006.

    Are you aware that UK Customs are taking a strong interest in whether businesses are using IPR correctly?? Do you know that this follows hot on the heels of a number of recent cases where Customs have successfully demanded customs duty and import VAT on goods even though they were actually exported?? This is because the exporting businesses using IPR failed to operate the IPR arrangements correctly!!!

    Let us take a look at your arrangements together before Customs do! Why not take a day of training on IPR with us – whether you are already authorised, are thinking about using IPR for your business or just want to find out more about the benefits – and the responsibilities. Call us now 01784 497077.

    If you have already been contacted by Customs you need help NOW. As well as training, we represent businesses in their correspondence, meetings and negotiations with Customs as well.
    Contact us for an initial discussion.

    We are here to help you with your import, export, customs and international trade training needs to make your business even more successful in 2006.

    You’ll find we provide IMPORT, CUSTOMS and TRADE FINANCE TRAINING & ADVICE for your business, as well as EXPORT TRAINING ……….. 30 years experience helping businesses like yours succeed in international trade …….

    Our 2006 public courses are on-line. Due to trends in demand from you, we’ve found ourselves doing many more in-house courses for you in recent months.

    So if there’s no public course to suit you, please let us know because we’re very happy to come along in-house and run a standard or tailored course for you … whether it be for 1, 2 or 3 …. or 10, 15 or 20! (We ran in- house courses for both 1 person and 20 in 2005.) Ask for our quick summary of the benefits of in-house courses for you.

    The cost of running a course for a small select group in your business need not be so prohibitive as you might think. So let’s talk about it! …… But if you already know you want a public course then just click on the public courses tab to e-book your course now.

    Due to demand and feedback from you, we’ll be adding some short half day public courses on line in the near future.

    A one day public course is £275 plus VAT (includes lunch); a half day public course is £120 plus VAT.

    IN-HOUSE COURSES – click on the in-house tab for the details you need. If you can’t see what you need, then contact us. There are literally dozens of things we can do for you – we can’t list them all!! What do you need?

    OR JUST NOT SURE? need help? Instread of worrying, imagine how much better you’ll feel when you’ve talked it through. It’s easy …. just contact us for a discussion including individual training and support. You can get help by the hour – “one-on-one” training – or help to move forward with a particular issue. Use the email link in the left hand side bar to contact us today

    Keep coming back here for new information and news.

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